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About Codifypedia

Codifypedia is integrated with CodifyNet. Write articles on CodifyNet against a fee, and edit them here. On CodifyNet you can link your Codifypedia account with your CodifyNet account.

About Codifypedia

Codifypedia includes the following main article types:

  • Dynamic Editable Community Articles (DECA),
  • Microweblog articles,
  • Project articles, and
  • Premium articles.

In most cases, Codifypedia articles can be locked: . This is the first step to gain more control. The second optional step is to enable Collaboration: . Collaboration is also a form of control as it enables selection of co-authors. Locking and collaboration applies to individual articles.

DECA articles can be edited (changed) by any community member. This can be changed by the main author (the person who starts a new article) by adding a lock to the article. The main author can also enable Collaboration and thereby control who can become a co-author.

Microweblog articles are based on the integration of Codifypedia with Microweblog. Microweblog articles have a standard lock and can only be edited by the article owner.

Project articles are similar to DECA. The difference is that they can only be edited by the project owner, unless Collaboration is enabled and multiple authors are selected. Project articles are often based on a common theme. The project context enables users to group articles.

Premium articles are available for sales on Microweblog, based on its Codifypedia Content (CC) Feed. Premium articles are always locked and cannot be edited by the community. The Collaboration feature does not apply to premium articles. So premium articles have a single author, the creator the article.