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Life of a Corporate Engineer


After a long period of 9 years, I got this idea of sharing my experience in Indian Corporates in the form of smaller posts on some website Or on my Blog someday. In fact, it was a suggestion from one of my colleague & old Junior and finally I found & selected this website MicroblogX for this.

Though the concept of writing this in the form of book would have been more rewarding in my old age but this is the oblation from my side (because it was pending since 2013). Anyway it is always better late than Never.

Next I do not know how much I will be active on this platform in near future, naturally I am very lazy in transcribing my thoughts in formal polished words without hurting sentiments of various characters encountered in Indian Corporate World in last 30 years. Moreover, it is going to be very serious in initial posts as I will be starting from top mostly, so at times it can be fatal also. Let it be & let’s start.

In fact more recent experience was very very dangerous & experimenting where I found few more styles of leadership which I still need to Name formally in terms of my writing Style as you will see in initial posts.

Let’s start from the Leadership – a much talked about and coined word in every company in current environment. Who is Leader? Who can be a Leader? Can you make someone a Leader? What are the basic Qualities of a Leader? And finally Leader Vs Boss – a very hyped topic for many blogs and companies and trainers who are earning more than any Leader / Engineer / President / Director etc. without going through that phase.

Actually most of these trainers are those who failed in that role……? Theory Vs Reality.

Now I will describe THREE (May be Fourth one based on recent experience) major types of leaders which I encountered at different phases.

  1. “The Prince” – based on a famous book written way back in 1532 (Yes almost 500 years ago) is still relevant in corporate world. This is the category where plenty of “Prince Leaders” are found in almost 9 organizations out of 10. (May be this can also be a very low No actually speaking – So you can say 95 out of 100). They are very good in “How to acquire Power and Keep it any how”, after all prince exist to enjoy power. Isn’t it?

They are advised as per the old book to keep musical chair competition frequently, as much as possible, to keep all others busy in getting those chairs rather than focusing on the position of “The Prince”. This is very important learning if someone is interested in becoming a “Prince”.

As I mentioned that this style is very common so I am not focusing on any specific example. You can find many around you because they are very common. Try to identify them.

Now second trick taught to “The Prince” is that always focus on number 2 because this guy called “N 2” is very important and he is the one who can tumble “Number 1”, and who is “N 1”? “The Prince”. So, very important learning is always keep focus on N 2 position and show him the door. (Ah...........So recent example is really a new discovery, because it says keep N2 close to you, but then N2 MUST be part of TEAM)

One of my technical Guru, from whom I learnt many lessons – very important lessons of my career; was having only this one “Princely Quality”, rest all he was very good Leader. However, the luck of that Number 2 was so strong that he joined back the same organization later after many years.

So, by now you can assume that “The Prince” is not having any morality. Means he can do anything for anyone. So, people accept him as leader but start searching for quick exit if they have good ethics & principles. So, words like capability, morality, efficiency etc. become a game for him and he enjoys it. Yes, whenever you discuss these words with any “Prince”, you will find either a very good immediate response or possibly a cold response depending on the princely nature of your own “Prince”, and when you leave his “Durbar” he is going to enjoy these words.

Now another good quality of a Prince is to gel with another Prince and that is the reason most of the organizations are having that sense of connectivity with each other. That’s why current referral method of HR is developed for feedback before hiring you. Yes, so the experience of one Prince with respect to your behavior with him, is shared with another Prince in the name of such referrals. This makes their life very easy and they know how to handle you from day one even before you join. Is it not surprising for you?

This gelling is very much existing within the large organizations also and then it becomes nexus. When any nexus exist, it is very easy to identify them. Just see who is fighting more in open meetings but having most of the close room tea parties. This nexus can exist at Departmental levels, at Site levels and even at Site & HO level combined. The higher the degree of such collaborations, more are the failure rates in those organizations. Where are the owners? – A big Question and a Simple Answer – But Later.