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Unpublished HybridP3M Foreword



Project Management will never be free from Ambiguity. The meaning of many project management concepts is open to different interpretations. There is much debate and a lack of consensus. But it does not matter, as the best managers are known for their ability to deal with ambiguity (source unknown).

Ultimately, everyone one can make mistakes, bad decisions. A single bad decision can result in complete failure, despite all the good work and efforts.

HybridP3M offers, besides process understanding, a tool to increase learning capability at the individual and group level, and a solution for consistent and effective enterprise project management at the corporate level.

Surely, this will minimize the risk from mistakes repeating. A guarantee for long term project and programme success in the context of P3M.

Functional achievement in the context of P3M, first introduction in a text by OCG (2006), should become the new standard in projects and programmes. The level of functional achievement is the best thinkable indicator for project management performance. You might measure it but that is not the point. The point is mastery at the individual and project management team level, using knowledge as a tool.

HybridP3M is a must have for traditional managers in an Agile world, and for Agile practitioners who are aware of the limitations of Agile in traditional industries characterized by management control. No other work has united traditional with agile in such an elegant manner. But HybridP3M is not just a hybrid approach, defined as a traditional management framework supporting either predictive or agile delivery. It is a holistic approach, a methodology for the 21ste century, and beyond, with innovative elements such as integrated knowledge management. The introduction of the Knowmadic-steps technique signifies a breakthrough in knowledge organization.

HybridP3M stands out because it is a robust and practical methodology inspired by traditional textbooks, mainly PRINCE2. Unlike Agile methods, HybridP3M appreciates the management and control features of traditional management, making projects more predictive and therefore more manageable, whilst institutionalizing agile product delivery.

One of the many things readers will learn is the formation of project teams based on management roles in a matrix organization. This matrix type of project organization enables specialization in specific areas of project management.